Other Published Evaluation Reports

Evaluation of the Destination Drive Programme for Older Drivers

The final evaluation report for RoSPA's Destination Drive programme for Older Drivers, which consisted of information stands and free driver assessments for over 65s in garden centres across the UK.

Evaluation of the Destination Drive Programme for Older Drivers

Barriers and Enablers of Road Safety Evaluation

An in-depth study into the what hinders and what can help road safety professionals to conduct evaluation projects.

Drivers and Barriers to Evaluation Report

Evaluation of Derby and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership’s Young Driver Education Programme

An evaluation of a set of three educational workshops aimed at young drivers and passengers. The evaluation assessed the knowledge, attitudes and self-reported behaviours of attendees for up to 12 months after the workshop.

YDE Evaluation Report

Evaluation of the National Child Pedestrian Training Pilot Projects, Road Safety Research Report No. 82 (2008)

Evaluation report of the Kerbcraft child pedestrian skills training programme for 5-7 year olds. The evaluation employs a quasi-experimental design to measure changes in children's behaviour.

Kerbcraft Evaluation

Ride Alive Focus Group Report

Views from young moped riders on the feasibility of a voluntary post-CBT moped and scooter training course. Report commissioned by Bournemouth Borough Council.

Ride Alive Focus Group Report

E-valu-it User Survey

A short report of the findings from the first post-launch E-valu-it user survey. This is part of ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the website. The results are based on a low number of returned surveys, future surveys will therefore use a different data-collection method.

E-valu-it User Survey September 2011

Evaluation of the Cycling City and Towns Programme

The Report presents interim findings from the evaluation of the Cycling City and Towns Programme, including the results of a baseline survey and qualitative interviews with programme managers and national stakeholders. The Appendices include details of the survey methods and questionanaire used.

City and Towns Interim Report

Road Safety Scotland: Various Evaluation Reports

The Road Safety Scotland website contains copies of evaluation reports on several road safety interventions, including road safety education resources, such as "Crash Magnets", publicity campaigns, such as "FoolSpeed" and the Bikesafe Scotland initiative.


Evaluation of Devon County Council's "Driving Safer for Longer" Workshops

An outcome evaluation of Devon County Council’s workshops for older drivers. 161 workshop attendees completed questionnaires before and after the workshop. It was found that workshop attendance increased driving-related knowledge and support knowledge (in particular intentions to access support). The report includes copies of the Before and After questionnaires.

Evaluation of Devon County Council's "Driving Safer for Longer" Workshops

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the National Driver Improvement Scheme

Connor, M. and Lai, F. (2005)
Road Safety Research Report No. 64. London: Department for Transport.

An outcome evaluation using a comparison group, measuring improvements in driving attitudes and behaviours. The Appendix includes copies of the questionnaires used.

A Study of Learner and New Drivers

Cohort II: A Study of Learner and New Drivers. Vol. 1 – Main Report.

Wells, P., Tong, S., Sexton, B., Grayson, G., and Jones, E. (2008)
Road Safety Research Report No. 81. London: Department for Transport.

Includes copies of the driver questionnaires used by TRL for the report.

A Study of Learner and New Drivers


Various evaluation reports by Think! on their recent campaigns. The reports include good examples of aims for campaigns, and include the questionnaires used.

Recent Campaigns

Staffordshire County Council

A process evaluation of Staffordshire County Council’s Young Driver Coaching Programme Resource Pack.

Young Driver Coaching Programme Report

Evaluation of Streets Ahead on Safety Project: Final Report

The academic research report from Birmingham University. Presents findings from the Inner City Demonstration Project (Streets Ahead). Appendices of the report contain the questionnaire and interview schedules used by the evaluation team.

UoB - Evaluation of Streets Ahead on Safety Project

Evaluation of the Dorset Driver Gold Initiative

This report presents the findings of a research project which evaluated the utility and effectiveness of a training initiative aimed at senior drivers. Dorset County Council developed the training course which was aimed at drivers aged 75 and over. It offered both classroom-based training and on-road practical driving refresher sessions.

Dorset Driver Gold Initiative Evaluation

User Survey Report 2015

Part of RoSPA's road safety programme includes providing advice and support to road safety practitioners on road safety evaluation. Evaluation is a systematic method of understanding how effective road safety interventions are, and how they can be improved. The support focuses on Education, Training and Publicity interventions.

Report 2015