Welcome to the Safety Evaluation website, designed to help anyone involved in delivering safety interventions.

This website hosts the 'E-valu-it' toolkit, which asks you to complete a set of questions about your intervention, helping to guide you through the evaluation process. It also provides you with recommendations on doing your evaluation and produces a partly completed report template for you to complete your evaluation.

No matter whether you work in a local authority; for one of the emergency services, for a charity or any other organisation: if you are putting time, money and effort into conveying road safety messages to any type of road user – you and the people who fund what you do will want to know whether what you are doing works.

If you want anymore help then have a look at the Evaluation Hub on the RoSPA website.

E-valu-it Toolkit

E-valu-it is an interactive evaluation toolkit designed to provide tailored options for evaluating road safety ETP interventions...

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